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Where Can I Take the NY Traffic Safety Courses


Where Can I Take the NY Traffic Safety Courses

Taking traffic safety courses can help you lower your insurance rates and get points off your license. They can remove 4 points, which can keep your license from getting suspended on your next traffic violation if you happen to be close to 11 points.

They can also make you a better driver, which is often worth it in its own right.

There are multiple places where you can take these courses. They are often offered by private companies both online and offline. Yet to get all the benefits, you have to make sure that you are taking a DMV approved course.

There are two ways to find a course. You can take an approved classroom course from any of these classroom course providers. You can also take online courses from any of these approved alternative delivery method course providers.

Do not just Google traffic safety courses. There’s a chance that the course with the best search engine optimization or ad budget will show up right up top, but will not actually be approved by the New York DMV. If the course isn’t approved you will not get the points reduction or any of the other benefits.

How much money can you save by taking the course?

It will depend on your specific insurance company of course, but the average is a reduction in 10% in premiums annually over the course of three years. It takes time for all the benefits to accrue, but they do accrue.

This may also combine with other discounts from points continuing to fall off your license over time. In addition, the longer you go without an accident, claim, or ticket, the lower your car insurance rates are likely to be.

I took the course but my license was suspended anyway.

Taking a driver safety course can’t help you prevent a mandatory suspension or revocation of your license. Some traffic violations are too serious to be rescued by a driver safety course. 

If your license has been suspended your New York traffic lawyer can help you. For example, we may be able to help you get a conditional or restricted license.

Are the courses mandatory?

Unless you are court-ordered to take it, the course is voluntary, and you may take it every 36 months to keep the point reduction and insurance benefits. 

Keep in mind the benefits will only be helpful if you avoid getting more points on your license! If you’re having trouble with a traffic ticket, consider reaching out to a New York traffic lawyer who can help you.

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