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What is an SR-22 in New York?


What is an SR-22 in New York?

You may have seen advertisements for insurance which note they are SR-22 friendly. But what is an SR-22? And do you need one?

Here’s what you need to know.

SR-22: Definition

The SR-22 is just a form submitted by your insurance company to the DMV to let them know you have obtained car insurance, and that the car insurance coverage meets New York state minimums. 

Most drivers do not require an SR-22. You usually have to obtain one in order to reinstate your driver’s license after it’s been revoked. This is likely to happen if:

In short, you only have to worry about this if you’ve been found guilty of certain driving violations that result in you losing your license.

Why does the law require SR-22s?

There are a great many insurance companies who will drop you from coverage or who will refuse to cover you if you’ve had enough violations to require an SR-22. The state is aware of the challenge and is not going to let you out on the road without proper insurance.

Thus, they require certification to show you’ve done the footwork and obtained the necessary insurance coverage. 

If your existing insurance company keeps you then they will issue an SR-22 on your behalf. If you have to obtain a new insurance company then you might want to go to an agent who deals with multiple companies, including companies that insure high-risk drivers. He or she will be able to find the right policy for you. 

Your rates will, of course, be a lot higher than what you’re used to paying.

Want to avoid the need for an SR-22?

Most people will find life is a lot easier if they never have to worry about an SR-22. And that’s where having a great traffic lawyer comes in.

Remember, a simple traffic ticket today could add up into enough points to get your license revoked tomorrow. Avoid the need for special insurance and special work. Contact us today to get help with your traffic ticket.

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