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What is a Defensive Driving Course in New York?


What is a Defensive Driving Course in New York?

A defensive driving course is a court-approved course that lets you remove points from your driving record. Some people take them voluntarily to improve their driving record. Others take them because the court has ordered them to do so after they’ve received some manner of traffic citations.

Anyone with a valid driver’s license may take these courses at any time.

How long is a defensive driving course good for in New York?

You can only take a defensive driving course once every 18 months to get your points reduced. If you’re trying to reduce insurance rates, you can only take the course once every three years. 

Can you take a defensive driving course online in New York?

Yes. In fact most defensive driving courses are now offered online. An approved course will cover 320 minutes of material but you can work at your own pace. You will then receive a certificate of completion which most courses will submit to the DMV for you.

How much is a defensive driving course?

Most defensive driving courses cost less than $50. You may be able to get these courses for even less by reaching out to organizations you’re a member of, or to your employer. Many provide approved courses for free, or offer steep discounts on them.

Is a defensive driving course worth it?

For the small fee a defensive driving course is absolutely worth it. By completing this course you can remove up to four points from your record.

You can also save up to 10% on your insurance premiums. 

Believe it or not, you’re also likely to become a better driver. This can mean you reduce your chances of tickets, accidents, and other problems in the future. 

Where can I take a defensive driving course that’s been approved by the state of New York? 

There are dozens of courses out there. Look for courses that say they’re NY DMV approved. Double check with your own insurance company to make sure the course is one of the ones they’ll accept for getting you a discount on your own auto insurance policy. 

Here are a few that we’ve found.

Of course, before you get points on your license or a court order to go take a class, you might want to reach out to our law firm. If you’ve recently received a ticket, don’t just plead guilty and pay the fine. Get help from our team today.

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