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What Goes Wrong When People Try to Fight Traffic Tickets on Their Own


What Goes Wrong When People Try to Fight Traffic Tickets on Their Own

You may be tempted to believe you can fight a traffic ticket on your own. You might think: how hard can it be? Do I really want to spend money on a traffic ticket lawyer? 

Yet you should be aware that a traffic ticket is a legal matter like any other court case, and a lot can go sideways when you try to handle them yourself.

Cops Can and Do Show Up to Hearings

A lot of internet advice about trying to fight traffic tickets yourself suggests that “cops never show up to traffic hearings.” The thought process is if they don’t show up the prosecution doesn’t have much of a case and the ticket will get dismissed.

It’s true that they sometimes can’t show up, and it’s true that the prosecution’s case is weakened when they don’t. Yet the case can proceed without them.

Furthermore, they do show up, especially in smaller towns where they’re not likely to be overbooked. In places like Goshen or Monroe they show up quite frequently.

It’s Easy to Focus on the Wrong Issues

People who try to defend their own tickets tend to get into why they were speeding, hoping that mitigating factors will win their case. They don’t realize that the only things the judge cares about is whether you broke the law or not.

You need an attorney who can challenge things like the calibration of the cop’s radar or who can use the facts to show exactly why you did not violate any laws whatsoever. Arguing about why it made sense for you to break the law in your specific case just broadcasts your guilt to the entire court, and loses your case for you.

If you don’t know how to argue your speeding ticket from a legal perspective it’s better not to make the attempt. 

You Might Miss Opportunities

Plea bargaining works in traffic ticket cases just like it works in criminal cases. Yet if you don’t know the prosecutor well, don’t understand their goals, and don’t know what to offer then you may miss the opportunity to get a helpful plea bargain.

You might also have some trouble determining whether you’re being offered a decent deal or whether it would be better to try to battle the ticket in its entirety. A traffic ticket lawyer can help you do that. 

Need Help with Your Traffic Ticket?

A traffic ticket lawyer can keep your driving record clean and your insurance premiums low. Don’t try to go it alone. Contact Scott Russell Law to get the help you need today.

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