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Scott Russell is a highly experienced lawyer with over 20 years of experience handling drug charges. His vast knowledge of the field and exceptional skills in navigating complex drug cases make him a valuable asset to any case.

Scott is committed to protecting the rights of individuals facing drug charges and seeking justice for victims of drug-related crimes. He will walk you through the entire legal process, make sure you understand your constitutional right, as well as local drug charge fines and sentencing.

His professionalism, attention to detail, and unwavering diligence are deeply admired by our team. We feel fortunate to have such an enthusiastic, sincere, and optimistic member in our group.

Why You Should Retain a Local Lawyer for Your Case

When facing drug possession charges in Ulster County, there are several key benefits to having a lawyer by your side:

  • Lawyers safeguard your constitutional rights during legal proceedings.
  • Lawyers can help negotiate plea bargains to reduce charges or penalties potentially.
  • Lawyers carefully examine evidence to identify any inconsistencies or violations of your rights.

Call our firm today to set up your consultation – we will get you set up in the right direction for your specific case.

In the intricate landscape of drug possession charges, comprehending the nature of the charges you’re confronting is vital.

There are different consequences for each charge, and the potential ramifications for each charge differ based on the type and amount of the substance:
Drug Possession

  • – Considered a misdemeanor offense
  • – Maximum imprisonment of 1 year
  • – Possible fines of up to $1,000

Possession with Intent to Distribute:

  • – Elevated to a felony charge
  • – The incarceration period varies from 1 year to life, based on substance type and quantity
  • – Fines ranging from $5,000 to $100,000 or more

Possession of Controlled Substances:

  • – Classified as a misdemeanor offense
  • – Maximum jail term of 1 year
  • – Fines can extend up to $1,000

Constructing a Solid Legal Defense Strategy

We aim to work with you to build strong arguments challenging the prosecution’s case while preserving your rights. To achieve this, we need to delve into the potential penalties associated with drug possession charges in New York. We will provide you with a comprehensive explanation and explore the nuances of different charges, ensuring you are informed and confident throughout the process.

Understanding the seriousness of possessing controlled substances in Ulster County is critical to your defense. The potential consequences, including fines and imprisonment, vary depending on the substance type and quantity involved.

To prevent legal issues, we recommend familiarizing yourself with local regulations. Don’t hesitate to contact Scott Russell Law today. We are dedicated to helping you navigate these matters with assurance.

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It’s essential to recognize that consequences can vary depending on individual circumstances. Our legal expertise is custom-tailored to secure the best possible outcome for your unique situation.

Scott Sullivan Law is dedicated to advocating for you in drug possession cases. We’re committed to providing each client with personal attention, dedication, and strategic guidance. If you’re facing drug possession charges, take the first step toward your defense by scheduling a free consultation with Scott Sullivan Law. We offer clear guidance, sound legal advice, and a pathway to a more favorable legal future. Reach out today to discuss the details of your case with Scott – we’re here to help!

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