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Are you dealing with criminal charges or a moving violation in Chester, NY? It’s easy to underestimate the potential impact of these offenses before your court date. However, the consequences of a guilty verdict and conviction can be far-reaching. A traffic ticket could significantly restrict your ability to drive or operate commercial vehicles for years, while a misdemeanor or felony offense might result in jail time. The severe nature of these potential outcomes deepens the importance of addressing your case with the utmost care.

Fortunately, you’re not alone in navigating your case. Scott Russell Law is a local law firm representing cases in Chester, NY. With conveniently located offices and a focused approach to specific areas of the law, Scott Russell Law is the top choice.

Defending Traffic Tickets in Chester, NY

Hearing a range of cases, from misdemeanor crimes to small claims disputes. However, the most common issues brought before this local court involve traffic tickets and moving violations. As a local lawyer, Scott Russell is familiar with the procedures for challenging a citation in this jurisdiction and constructing a compelling argument. Through years of experience, he has established a reputation as a dependable and determined lawyer specializing in tickets and DWI cases. This has positioned him as a preferred attorney for handling such matters. 

Examples of some cases dealt with driving without a valid license, unapproved headlights, failure to yield to pedestrians, improper or expired license plates, dazzling or distracting lights, inadequate brake lights, operating an unregistered vehicle, speeding, including excessive speeding, driving with a suspended license, unauthorized lane change, and other traffic violations.

Connecting with Scott Russel Law

Do you require legal assistance in a town or town court past Chester? At Scott Russell Law, we extend our legal services and support throughout Sullivan County and Goshen, NY. Regardless of the town court, we offer the same dedicated and localized criminal defense, personal injury, and family law services.

Find us in these parts of NY:

  • Woodbury
  • Monroe
  • Goshen
  • Middletown 
  • Liberty
  • New Windsor
  • Fallsburg
  • Wawayanda
  • Wallkill 
  • Thompson
  • Wurtsboro
  • Newburgh

Our team is committed to ensuring that your experience is efficient and cost-effective, regardless of location. We offer traffic ticket defense for as low as $350 and strive to accommodate clients by scheduling consultations at their most convenient times and places. Whether you’re based in Chester, Middletown, or Thompson, we’ll arrange an initial, free consultation in your hometown.

Your first conversation with a lawyer is free of charge. There’s no need to commit before meeting with a member of our legal team. Even if you ultimately decide not to utilize our legal services, you won’t incur any charges. To schedule your risk-free and no-obligation initial consultation, get in touch with our office today.

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