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It’s quite common for individuals to be caught off guard when they discover the very court handling their misdemeanor offense or traffic violation is just around the corner. In Rockland, NY, the designated court is the Rockland Town Court. Regardless if you are fighting a minor speeding citation or a more severe felony arrest, your case will have its initial hearing in this very court. Civil matters, factual property disputes, and small claims all find their way onto the docket.

At Scott Russell Law, we’ve honed our focus on these significant matters. Our team of local lawyers exhibits a wealth of experience encompassing criminal law, family law, personal injury cases, and traffic violations, ensuring a comprehensive range of legal services. Suppose you’re seeking a lawyer in the following practice areas. In that case, your search ends with us: driving while intoxicated(DWI), driving with ability impaired, moving violations, other traffic citations, misdemeanor crimes, small claims, and other criminal offenses.

Ticket Defense in Rockland Town Court

Scott Russell is an experienced NY lawyer who has dedicated much of his practice to moving violation defense within New York’s town courts. The purpose behind this focus is straightforward—many individuals are unaware of the potential consequences of paying a ticket and the available avenues for an economic defense.

One of our resident lawyers can offer a defense for as little as $300 for a range of moving violations. This includes offenses like speeding with excessive speeds, driving an unregistered vehicle, improper or expired license plates, driving without a license, driving with a suspended license, dazzling or distracting lights, unapproved headlights, inadequate brake lights, failure to yield for a pedestrian, unlawful lane change, and other moving citations.

Defending DWI and Other Offenses

Among the more severe moving violations addressed in the local court is driving while intoxicated (DWI)—the legal term for DUI in New York. We possess a robust DWI defense practice serving Rockland and the nearby areas. Our legal team handles first-time DWI defenses, subsequent DWI or DWAI charges, and DWI cases involving illegal substances and drugs.

Throughout our approach to DWI defense, we remain highly personalized. We factor in the specifics of your DWI roadside test, arrest, breath test, and arraignment to develop a defense strategy tailored to your particular case.

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