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Nestled in Sullivan County, NY, the Village of Liberty exudes tranquility and peace. Yet, the unexpected call to appear before the town court for a civil, criminal, or traffic violation can be pretty surprising. This scenario unfolds for Sullivan County residents regularly. When faced with the need to appear in Liberty Town Court for any reason, you need a lawyer who comprehends your situation and is familiar with the local legal landscape – and that’s where Scott Russell Law comes in. With a wealth of prior experience and deep dedication, we stand prepared to tackle any case that comes our way.

Defending Traffic Offenses in Your Area

A prevalent type of case that fills the court docket in Liberty revolves around speeding tickets. Most of these citations stem from local law enforcement along Route 17, a central main road in the village. Although many opt to pay these speeding fines without a second thought, it’s often not the most advantageous way.

A local lawyer in your corner can facilitate the fight against a speeding ticket or other moving violations in front of the town court. This defensive stance against infractions can hold immense value. Why is contesting a traffic violation pivotal? The repercussions of a speeding ticket can involve suspension of your NY driver’s license, accumulation of points on your license, reporting the traffic ticket to your home state, revocation or suspension of a commercial driver’s license, settlement of fines and administrative fees, or a mandate to attend a defensive driving course.

Lawyers proficient in local proceedings are equipped to mitigate or eliminate the consequences of a ticket, even if you’ve already settled your fine. Scott Russell Law can be of assistance in such cases.

Charges for Significant Traffic Offenses

Certain moving violations and infractions are weighty enough to constitute crimes under New York law. To avoid life-altering consequences, these serious offenses necessitate the expertise and insights of a seasoned lawyer. We adopt a tailored and strategic approach to defending these significant moving violations.

Throughout Liberty, NY, and Sullivan County, our team handles cases involving leaving the scene of an accident, driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs (DWAI), vehicular assault or vehicular manslaughter, pedestrian accidents and motorcycle collisions, personal injury lawsuits, aggravated reckless driving, and driving while intoxicated (DWI).

Although you may find yourself in the Town Court for any of these offenses, the potential consequences are vastly different. For instance, DWI and vehicular assault are criminal charges that can lead to criminal fines, civil lawsuits, and even jail time. Confronting these grave traffic offenses without the guidance of a local lawyer isn’t a risk worth taking.

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