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In the state of New York, there exists no distinct ‘domestic violence’ offense. Instead, an act qualifying as domestic violence can encompass a range of distinct criminal acts, including stalking, assault, rape, kidnapping, or murder. The classification of a domestic violence-related crime as a misdemeanor or a felony depends on the specific criminal act committed. Felony charges may arise from domestic violence incidents involving:

  • Assault resulting in significant physical harm to the victim
  • Employment of a deadly weapon during an assault
  • Acts of violence or abuse directed at a minor
  • Instances of sexual assault
  • Stalking entailing the use of a weapon or resulting in the victim’s injury

Legal Expertise and Experience

When you’re facing a domestic violence situation, you need a lawyer who truly understands the complexities of these cases. Our team in Sullivan County brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With years of dedicated practice focusing on domestic violence cases, we’ve successfully guided clients through situations similar to yours.

Understanding of Local Laws

Navigating the legal landscape can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with domestic violence charges. That’s why having a lawyer who not only knows the law but also understands the local nuances is crucial. We have a deep understanding of how domestic violence cases are handled in our community and can tailor our strategies accordingly. This localized knowledge gives us a significant advantage in building a strong defense or advocating for your rights.

Case Evaluation

This is your opportunity to share the details of your situation, and it allows us to delve into the specifics of your case. We’ll discuss potential legal strategies, possible outcomes, and answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to provide you with a clear understanding of your options so that you can make informed decisions about how to proceed.

How to Navigate New York Domestic Violence Laws

In the state of New York, the issue of domestic violence is met with a comprehensive legal framework aimed at safeguarding victims, holding offenders accountable, and promoting a safer society. Understanding the intricacies of domestic violence laws is essential for both victims seeking protection and individuals facing accusations. By navigating these essential aspects, you can gain a clearer understanding of your rights and options when dealing with domestic violence matters.

Orders of Protection
One of the cornerstone measures in New York’s domestic violence laws is the issuance of orders of protection, commonly known as restraining orders. These court orders are designed to shield victims from further harm by prohibiting the offender from contacting or approaching them. In New York, orders of protection can encompass different stipulations, including “stay away” orders, which require the offender to maintain a certain distance from the victim, and “refrain from” orders, which prohibit specific actions like harassment or threats. Violating an order can lead to additional charges.
Criminal Charges and Penalties
New York takes domestic violence offenses seriously and classifies them as criminal acts. Criminal charges for domestic violence vary depending on the severity of the offense. The punishment for offenses ranges from fines to imprisonment and depends on the type of offense and the individual’s criminal history.
Mandatory Arrest Policy
New York follows a “mandatory arrest” policy in cases of suspected domestic violence. This policy obligates law enforcement officers to make an arrest if they have reasonable cause to believe that a family or household member has committed a family offense. The aim is to protect victims even when they may not wish to press charges. This policy underscores the state’s commitment to intervening in potentially dangerous situations to ensure the safety of victims.

A Local Attorney That Will Fight for You

Domestic Violence cases are serious and sensitive. It’s imperative that you find a lawyer that understands your needs, and can work with you through a difficult process. If you’re looking for representation in a similar case, call Scott Russell today for a free evaluation.

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