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Do I Need a Lawyer for My Sullivan County Moving Violation?


Do I Need a Lawyer for My Sullivan County Moving Violation?

Sullivan County is allowed to issue traffic tickets and moving violations for a number of traffic incidents and unlawful actions.

Possibly you received a speeding ticket or required to pay a fine for expired license plates. These are some of the more common traffic and moving violations in the county. Other moving violations include failure to stop at a red light or stop sign, reckless driving, and even driving while intoxicated (DWI).

If you received a Sullivan County moving violation, or another type of traffic ticket, it might seem like a minor problem. For many people, their first moving violation is a financial inconvenience, not a legal difficulty. However, the ramifications for a Sullivan County moving violation can be more than a small fine. A serious moving violation, such as reckless or dangerous driving and DWI can impact the status of your license and lead to substantial costs.

How should you hire a lawyer to help with a moving violation? Here are five instances.

#1: You Need to Lessen the Impact on Your Driving Record

Individually, a Sullivan County moving violation isn’t likely to equal a loss of your license. Traffic infractions, such as running a red light, illegal lane changes, and speeding are all minor violations. However, high-risk drivers can quickly see these minor moving violations become a big problem.

In New York, a driver with 11 points or more against his or her driver’s license could have the license suspended. If you are facing a Sullivan County moving violation that would put you near or over the 11-point limit, you should take measures to have the effects of the violation dismissed or mitigated.

A traffic lawyer in Sullivan County can help lessen the impact of a ticket on your record. For example, in some cases, it’s possible to negotiate for a reduced or alternative punishment to a Sullivan County moving violation. The alternative punishment may include paying an additional fine, agreeing to a less serious moving violation, or deciding on a probationary period. Each of these alternative punishments could save your driving record and prevent a suspension of your license.

#2: You Are Facing DWI Charges in Sullivan County

As discussed, several Sullivan County moving violations are serious and should be treated as such. However, DWI charges are in a separate category. Even your first DWI can result in harmful ramifications. In New York, a first DWI may lead to criminal penalties, if your blood alcohol concentration is high enough. These penalties include a hefty fine and potentially jail time. Subsequent offenses for DWI could even be charged as felonies, the most serious classification of crime in the state.

As well, a DWI on your record could lead to problems with a future employer and license approvals. Suspension of your license is almost certain.

#3: You Need a Commercial Driver’s License for Work

If you drive for a living, a Sullivan County moving violation could become a big problem for future employment. While many people don’t worry about traffic tickets and speeding fines, a truck driver, school bus driver, commercial mover, or delivery driver should. These small infractions could lead a future employer to ask difficult questions, consider a different candidate, or refuse a promotion. Protecting your commercial driver’s license (CDL) and driving record is imperative, and traffic ticket defense could be beneficial.

#4: You Didn’t Commit a Moving Violation

If you believe law enforcement gave you a Sullivan County moving violation unfairly or inaccurately, you should speak with a traffic ticket lawyer. Each year, several people successfully fight and appeal their moving violations in Monticello and surrounding areas.

In some instances, the police officer doesn’t appear in court, and the ticket or violation is summarily dismissed. In other cases, an individual has a clear argument that posted signs were unclear or incorrect. Lastly, some drivers didn’t commit a moving violation at all, and the Sullivan County moving violation was inappropriate.

Speak with a Sullivan County Lawyer

Scott Russell Law is a local law firm in Sullivan County that handles defense to traffic tickets, moving violations, and all crimes in New York. We can help you fight the fines associated with a traffic ticket or prevent the ramifications of a major moving violation, such as DWI. To discuss your Sullivan County moving violation with our office call (845)-741-3331.



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