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Is It Better to Plead Not Guilty to an Orange County, NY Speeding Ticket?


Is It Better to Plead Not Guilty to an Orange County, NY Speeding Ticket?

Have you gotten a traffic ticket? You may be wondering whether it makes more sense to just pay the ticket or whether you should fight it.

Believe it or not, few people even wonder. They just pay the ticket, even though they know that will put points on their driver’s license. They do it even knowing their insurance rates will go up.

They do it knowing that the ticket will cost them more in the long run than fighting the ticket will.

This is because we’ve all been conditioned to think you can’t fight a traffic ticket. Yet people do. Every single day. 

What is the likely outcome of pleading not guilty?

In many cases your traffic ticket will be dismissed. The police officer who issued the ticket will rarely show up in traffic court to support the prosecution. That makes it even easier for an experienced traffic lawyer to talk the judge into dismissing your ticket.

Even when they do, the prosecutor is usually more than willing to cut a deal. Your expensive moving violation can become a non-moving violation. That will be cheaper. It also won’t put any points on your license, and it won’t be reported to your insurance company.

If you fight the ticket it’s very rare for you to be found guilty for the original violation. It’s very rare that you’ll pay the full cost of the ticket, as long as you fight it with the help of a lawyer.

Trying to do it on your own won’t work. Many people say things in traffic court that they really shouldn’t say. Often they end up making their situation worse instead of better. 

Some Tickets Are Misdemeanors

Keep in mind some tickets aren’t just standard speeding tickets. They’re misdemeanors.

These traffic violations include driving on a suspended license, driving with expired registration, and reckless driving.

When you’re facing one of those charges you need someone who has criminal law experience as well as traffic law experience. Fortunately Scott Russell Law provides both. We can help you avoid jail time for your traffic-based violations.

Any time a cop stops you and demands you engage with the court system you should take it seriously. Get the help you need by contacting Scott Russell Law today. 

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