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In Some Parts of the State, Cops Are Posing as Construction Workers to Catch Traffic Violations


In Some Parts of the State, Cops Are Posing as Construction Workers to Catch Traffic Violations

If signs telling you to slow down in construction zones aren’t enough of a deterrent, the guys in the vests perhaps should be.

And not just because legitimate DOT workers could lose their lives as a result of reckless driving. New York State troopers have teamed up with the Department of Transportation. Officers are now posing as transportation workers in an initiative known as “Operation Hardhat.

The undercover cops won’t be the ones stopping you, of course. They’re just tagging drivers with their lasers. They’re then radioing the information to patrol cars down the road. 

They might also relay information about other violations, such as cell phone violations.

So far, this initiative has resulted in drivers receiving hundreds of tickets worth at least $250 and 2 points on driver’s licenses. You can bet these drivers will see insurance hikes as well. Drivers who already had points on their license may gain enough of them to see their licenses suspended. 

Police say they clocked many drivers going 75 in 50 zones, which is more than fast enough to generate a reckless driving charge. This is a misdemeanor crime that could result in thirty days in jail.

Drivers who were directly in the work zone when police tagged them would have received much larger tickets than they would have outside of the zone. In addition to the base ticket amount, these drivers would see a mandatory state surcharge tacked onto the ticket fines. 


Driving 21 to 30 mph over the limit in a work zone is worth 6 points. State police issue nearly 7,000 speeding tickets every year for work zone violations alone. This “Operation Hardhat” initiative has already 

From a legal perspective, this could result in two cops showing up in court to testify against you, either for routine tickets or for the aforementioned reckless driving charges.

If you’re to defend against these tickets, you will definitely need the help of an experienced traffic attorney who can either argue that you did not violate the law or who can negotiate the ticket down to something which will not put points on your license or generate a notification to your insurance provider.

In the meantime, slow down and stay alert in construction zones.

According to the CDC, some 700+ workers lose their lives in work zone crashes every year

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