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Understanding New York Traffic Violations

Moving violations dominate as the most popular case type. What sets these violations apart is that they not only directly result in consequences like points added to your driver’s license and fines but also carry an indirect (and typically more significant) impact by raising your car insurance rates. Some of the frequently encountered moving violations in Greene County, NY, consist of the following; high speeds, distracting lights, brake light issues, improper or expired plates, improper or expired registration, operating a vehicle without a valid license, driving with a suspended license, unlawful lane change, running a red light, and running a stop sign.

Ticket Defense Lawyer in Greene County, NY

It’s uncommon for the majority of people to enter a courthouse frequently. Generally, people are in court for reasons such as traffic tickets or other minor violations. In Greene County, NY, the prevalent cases include moving violations, operating a vehicle under the influence(DWI), different traffic tickets, driving misdemeanors, other criminal offenses, and small claims.

However, this list only encompasses some of the case types seen in Greene County Court. Suppose you’re confronted with a traffic ticket or any other reason requiring a court appearance. In that case, it’s essential to have a skilled defense attorney familiar with local practices and procedures.

Most of these tickets have the potential to considerably elevate your car insurance rates. Even if you’ve received a citation, there might still be a chance to reduce or eliminate the points on your license before they’re officially recorded.

To understand the open options, you should consult a local attorney who can negotiate on your behalf and even represents you in court, sparing you the need to take a day off work. Venturing into unfamiliar legal terrain alone is best avoided – having Scott Russell Law on your side is a wise choice.

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