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Greene County NY Ticket Lawyer


Greene County NY Ticket Lawyer

Greene County NY Court Law Practice

The vast majority of everyday people don’t ever see the inside of a courthouse too often. In most cases, people will end up in court for a traffic ticket or some other minor violation. In Greene County, NY the most common cases that you will find include:

  • Moving violations,
  • Driving while intoxicated (DWI),
  • Other traffic tickets,
  • Driving misdemeanors,
  • Other criminal offenses, and
  • Small claims.

These are not all of the types of cases that you will see in Greene County Court. A list of common traffic tickets and their related penalties can be found here. If you are faced with a traffic ticket or other reason to appear in court, then it is important to have an experienced defense attorney on your side who is familiar with local practice and procedures.

Greene County NY Ticket Lawyer

Traffic Violations in Greene County NY

Traffic tickets are the most common type of case that you will see in Greene County Court. Traffic tickets are unique in the fact that they not only can have direct consequences by adding points to your driver’s license and costing you a fine; but they can also have an indirect (and usually more substantial) consequence in hiking your car insurance rates. Some of the most common traffic tickets in Greene County, NY include:

  •  Speeding
  •  Distracting lights
  •  Brake light issues
  •  Improper or expired plates
  •  Improper or expired registration
  •  Driving without a license
  •  Driving with a suspended license
  •  Unlawful lane change
  •  Running a red light
  •  Running a stop sign

Most all of these tickets have the potential to significantly increase your car insurance rates. If you received a traffic ticket, you still may be able to reduce to eliminate the points on your license before they are ever entered on your license.

To find out what options you might have, it is important to speak to a traffic ticket attorney who can both negotiate and even appear on your behalf, saving you from having to take the day off from work. Don’t head into unfamiliar territory alone, make sure to have Scott Russell Law on your side.

NY Traffic Lawyer

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