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Chester NY Town Court Lawyer


Chester NY Town Court Lawyer

Chester NY Town Court Lawyer

Are you facing criminal charges or a moving violation in Chester NY? These offenses could seem small and insignificant before your court date, but the repercussions of a guilty verdict and conviction are long-lasting. A Chester NY traffic ticket could leave you unable to drive or operate a commercial vehicle for years to come and a misdemeanor or felony offense might mean serving time in jail. You can’t afford to risk these serious consequences of a Chester NY Town Court case.

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Explanation, assistance, and support during a Chester Town Court case aren’t far away. In fact, Scott Russell Law is a local law firm that dedicates an important part of our practice to representation in Chester NY. With offices nearby and a narrow focus on specific areas of the law, Scott Russell Law is a top choice for your Chester Town Court matter.

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Traffic Ticket Defense in Chester NY

Chest Town Court is responsible for cases involving everything from misdemeanor crimes to small claims disputes. However, the most frequent cases heard before this local courts are traffic tickets and moving violations. As a Chester Town Court lawyer, Scott Russell is very familiar with the procedure for fighting a traffic ticket in the Chester Town Court and how to build a winning argument. Over years of practice in Chester NY, his reputation as a tough and reliable traffic ticket and DWI lawyer has made him a go-to attorney for these cases.

Among the cases handled by a Chester NY lawyer at Scott Russell Law are:

  • Speeding and excessive speeding
  • Dazzling or distracting lights
  • Unapproved headlights
  • Inadequate break lights
  • Driving an unregistered vehicle
  • Improper or expired license plates
  • Driving without a license
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Failure to yield for a pedestrian
  • Unlawful lane change, and
  • Other traffic violations in Chester and Sullivan County.

Finding a Local Chester NY Lawyer

Do you need legal assistance in a town or town court outside Chester? At Scott Russell law, we provide legal services and assistance throughout Sullivan County and Goshen NY. In each town court, we offer the same dedicated, boutique, and local criminal defense, personal injury, and family law services.

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Find us in these parts of NY:

No matter where you are located, our team at Scott Russell Law wants your experience to be efficient and cost-effective. We offer traffic ticket defense for as little as $350 and make an effort to meet clients where is most convenient for them. Whether you are in Chester, Middletown, or Thompson, we’ll arrange a time and place for an initial, free consultation in your hometown.

Remember, your first conversation with a Chester Town Court lawyer at Scott Russell Law is free. You don’t need to sign an engagement letter or make any commitment before sitting down with a member of our legal team. Afterwards, if you choose not to use our legal services, you still owe nothing. To schedule your risk-free, cost-free initial consultation, contact our Chester office today.

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