Understanding Personal Injury Claims

To pursue a personal injury claim, certain elements must be established: duty, breach of duty, and causation. Duty: Refers to the obligation of the person responsible for your injury to avoid causing harm. For instance, you might have grounds for a claim against a doctor who injures you during surgery because they were expected to […]

Key Steps to Take When Accused of a Crime

Facing criminal charges can be a daunting experience, regardless of whether they are misdemeanors or felonies. In such challenging times, it’s crucial to understand the necessary steps to protect your rights and effectively navigate the legal system. At Scott Russell Law in Monticello, New York, we are committed to guiding you through this process and […]

Navigating the Complexities of the Criminal Defense Process

Understanding the criminal defense process is crucial for anyone who finds themselves or a loved one facing legal challenges in Monticello, NY. This process, grounded in the principles of fairness and justice, begins when an individual is accused of a crime and continues through several critical stages. 1. Arrest and Initial Proceedings The journey starts […]

Understanding Traffic Violations and Legal Defense

Experiencing the flashing lights of a police car in your rearview mirror can be a daunting moment for any driver in Monticello, NY. For many, the instinctive reaction to a traffic ticket, especially for speeding, is to pay the fine and move on. However, this seemingly straightforward solution can lead to unexpected consequences, like a […]

Criminal Defense Attorney New York

When you find yourself facing a criminal charge in the state of New York, it can be an overwhelming and frightening experience. The legal system can be complex, and a criminal conviction can change your life. But you don’t have to face this challenging situation alone. Scott Russell Law is here to guide you through […]

Traffic Violations in New York

Have you recently faced a traffic violation in the bustling streets of New York? We understand that this can be a stressful situation. However, you don’t have to face it alone. At Scott Russell Law, we are here to provide you with expert guidance and a strong defense to help you overcome the challenges associated […]

Navigating Speeding Tickets in New York

Understanding New York Speeding Tickets: Speeding tickets can happen to anyone in New York; when they do, knowing your rights and options is essential. Handling a speeding ticket effectively can save money, protect your driving record, and prevent increased insurance premiums. New York is renowned for its strict traffic laws and enforcement. Speeding tickets are […]