How Does a Sullivan County DWI Impact the Life of a Commercial Driver?

A conviction for driving while impaired, more commonly called DWI or DUI, is always a serious offense. Under New York’s strict motor vehicle laws, an individual can face up to one year in jail and payment of a substantial fine, sometimes in excess of $1,000. Individuals charged with more than one DWI would face even…

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Will an Orange NY Traffic Ticket Impact My Driving Record in Another State?

An Orange County NY traffic ticket has immediate repercussions in Orange County and the State of NY. While you are pulled over, a law enforcement officer in Orange County will write a ticket, unless the suspected offense is substantially serious and requires the officer to put you under arrest. On this NY traffic ticket, it…

A Sullivan County DWI Lawyer Explains the Types of DWI in New York

A Sullivan County DWI Lawyer Explains the Types of DWI in New York

In New York, all charges of driving while under the influence (DWI) of drugs or alcohol are serious. You should always consider hiring a Sullivan County DWI lawyer and taking other steps to defend against DWI charges. However, not all DWI charges are exactly the same. Based on the circumstances of your arrest, a prosecutor…

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Punishment for Speeding: A Sullivan County Speeding Ticket Lawyer Explains the Possibilities

Issued a speeding ticket in New York? You are probably surprised to learn that the penalty and possible punishment for this moving violation are costly. The cost is not only in terms of paying fines and fees, but can extend to the cost of losing your license and right to drive in New York or…

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How a Monticello DWI Lawyer Fights the Prosecutor’s Evidence in Court

If you are arrested and charged with DWI, the evidence against you might seem overwhelming. A prosecutor may claim video evidence, police testimony, or the results of a chemical test can show your guilt. Yet, this isn’t the full picture, a Monticello DWI lawyer has experience disputing and fighting each piece of evidence put before…

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Pled Guilty to a Traffic Ticket? A Monticello Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Still Help

It’s late on a Tuesday night and you were heading home through a residential New York neighborhood. You didn’t see any other cars at the intersection and made the decision to go straight through a red light, but a New York police officer was looking for speeders just down the road and saw you run…

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When Can an NY Traffic Court Suspend Your Driver’s License?

There is an assumption by drivers in Sullivan County, New York that suspension of your driver’s license is a rare and infrequent occurrence. Further, most people believe that having your NY driver’s license suspended or revoked would only happen in the most extreme situations and circumstances. As a lawyer before the NY traffic court on…

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5 Strategies for Fighting a Monticello, NY Moving Violation

Many residents in Monticello are under the impression that it is impossible to fight a moving violation or traffic ticket. However, if you are facing fines, and more importantly points on your license, fighting a Monticello traffic ticket might be your best option. There are several ways a Monticello traffic lawyer will fight a traffic…

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Answers from a Monticello Traffic Ticket Lawyer: When Is Distracted Driving Unlawful?

There are over 1,000 people injured in accidents caused by distracted drivers each day in the United States. Every day approximately nine people are killed. This is a higher number of accidents and accident-related injuries than caused by drowsy drivers, excessive speeding, or driving under the influence. Distracted driving is actually the leading reason for…


Do I Need a Lawyer for My Sullivan County Moving Violation?

Sullivan County is allowed to issue traffic tickets and moving violations for a number of traffic incidents and unlawful actions. Possibly you received a speeding ticket or required to pay a fine for expired license plates. These are some of the more common traffic and moving violations in the county. Other moving violations include failure…

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