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What to Do if There’s a Warrant for Your Arrest in New York

Learning you have a warrant out for your arrest is always a nasty surprise. If you’ve learned about it by any means other than being arrested you have some room to move, but what should you be doing? Here’s everything you need to know. What the Warrant Means A warrant means one of three things.…

Should You Testify on Your Own Behalf in a Misdemeanor Case?

Should You Testify on Your Own Behalf in a Misdemeanor Case?

When you are accused of a crime you might well be eager to testify on your own behalf, especially if you are innocent. You may be angry at the accusation and intent on telling your side of the story. It’s important to consult closely with your New York criminal defense attorney before making that decision.…

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How an Orange County Criminal Lawyer Gets Charges Dismissed

While it’s not easy to get a criminal case dismissed, it is possible. One of the easiest ways is to convince the district attorney they don’t have enough evidence to convict. Keep in mind this will depend on the individual DA. Many DAs will happily take a weak case all the way to trial. It…


Where Can I Take the NY Traffic Safety Courses

Taking traffic safety courses can help you lower your insurance rates and get points off your license. They can remove 4 points, which can keep your license from getting suspended on your next traffic violation if you happen to be close to 11 points. They can also make you a better driver, which is often…


What Goes Wrong When People Try to Fight Traffic Tickets on Their Own

You may be tempted to believe you can fight a traffic ticket on your own. You might think: how hard can it be? Do I really want to spend money on a traffic ticket lawyer?  Yet you should be aware that a traffic ticket is a legal matter like any other court case, and a…


Can I Go to Jail if Convicted of a Misdemeanor?

“It’s only a misdemeanor.” Have you heard that phrase before? It certainly seems to imply that a misdemeanor crime isn’t very serious.  Yet you should take a misdemeanor charge very seriously indeed. You can absolutely go to jail for some New York misdemeanors. You can also be fined and incur steep court fees which can…

DUI/DWI Reminders for the Fall and Winter Months

While Covid-19 may be putting the kibosh on a lot of our normal holiday celebrations, here in Orange County there will still be plenty of individuals who go to socially distanced outdoor gatherings. This makes it a very good time to offer some reminders about DUIs and DWIs in the State of New York. You…


Is It Better to Plead Not Guilty to an Orange County, NY Speeding Ticket?

Have you gotten a traffic ticket? You may be wondering whether it makes more sense to just pay the ticket or whether you should fight it. Believe it or not, few people even wonder. They just pay the ticket, even though they know that will put points on their driver’s license. They do it even…


Is a Violation a Crime in New York?

Violations are not considered crimes, even though they are violations of the New York State Penal Code. You may get a violation for unlawful possession of marijuana, for example, and you may even spend 15 days in jail. They do not, however, show up on court records or background checks unless your violation happened before…


Can a Police Officer Scan or Swipe My Credit Card?

In some cases, police have been known to scan debit cards, credit cards, and prepaid cards during traffic stops. You may be surprised to learn that courts have upheld their right to do so. It does not happen in every traffic stop, but there are a few times when police will scan your cards.  Three…

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