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What’s the Law on Traffic Cameras in New York?

Do you remember a few years back when the debate around traffic cameras in New York was on the front page of every local newspaper and at the forefront of every municipal debate? In fact, the opposition to newly installed traffic cameras wasn’t limited to New York. In Ohio, North Carolina, and a number of…

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4 Tips for Dealing with the Police After You Are Pulled Over

Stopped by the police for speeding or reckless driving? Maybe the reason you were pulled over was running a red light or having invalid tags on your license plate? No matter the reason or circumstances, the moment you see those sirens in your rearview, there is a small jump of surprise and twinge of uncertainty.…

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5 Crucial Facts If You Are Pulled Over for a First DWI

Fighting your first DWI charges is all about having the right information and legal assistance. It is only when you are armed with the correct facts and knowledge that you can actually fight back against your arrest and charges for DWI. However, your case against DWI charges in New York begins before you ever set…

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Driving on a Suspended License? Why You Should Think Again

The State of New York and the Department of Motor Vehicles are very clear. Driving and use of New York roads is a privilege, not a right. This is a crucial distinction, one recognized by every other state in the United States, that allows the Department of Motor Vehicles to suspend or revoke your driver’s…

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Why Are the Holidays a High Time for DUI Arrests?

With Halloween well in the review mirror and November nearly half over, we are officially approaching the holiday season. The weeks from Thanksgiving to New Year are filled with excitement and celebration. There are gatherings and fun events. However, amidst all the joy and seasonal cheer, DUI or DWI lawyers in New York have a…


A DWI Lawyer Answers “Have You Been Drinking?”

It’s a Thursday night. Happy hour is over and you make the short walk from the bar to your parking garage. You consider your car keys for a second when you arrive and decide that the three beers you drank in the past few hours weren’t you probably aren’t thinking, “what would a DWI lawyer…

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From a Traffic Ticket Lawyer: Does Technology Make Driving Any Safer?

As a traffic ticket lawyer in Sullivan County, our law firm is constantly tracking the latest trends in vehicle regulations, production, and safety. A top topic for vehicle manufacturers, regulators, and drivers today is technology in vehicles. That also makes it an essential topic for a traffic ticket lawyer to follow. Automakers are constantly integrating…

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Consequences of an NY DWI: Can You Lose Your Job?

If you are just beginning to research the consequences of an NY DWI, then it is essential to clarify that this is a serious offense in the State of NY. A DWI, formally called driving while intoxicated, is one of the most severe traffic offenses or moving violations under NY law. Wondering why an NY…

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Lost Your New York License: Here’s How to Get It Back

Was your New York license recently suspended by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)? This is a common occurrence in the state, and the DMV can revoke or suspend a license for a variety of reasons. Two of the most likely reasons to lose your license is an excessive amount of points against…

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4 Times Law Enforcement Can Pull You Over for New York DWI

There are several arguments a New York DWI lawyer can make in defense to charges of driving while intoxicated, shortened to DWI or DUI in New York. Some of the strongest strategies rely on procedural mistakes or missteps by law enforcement during a New York DWI stop and arrest. Procedural arguments against a New York…

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