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Can You Go to Jail for Hitting a Pedestrian in New York?

In New York, many of the accidents that take place are between passenger vehicles and pedestrians. When is an accident just an accident, and when does it represent major legal trouble with a criminal component? Here’s what you need to know.  Do Pedestrians Always Have the Right of Way in New York? Drivers should always…


4 Mistakes People Make When Getting Arrested in Sullivan County

Many people expect to go their whole lives without getting arrested. Most of what people “know” about getting arrested comes from television, which can be extremely misleading.  So while it’s natural to make mistakes during and after an arrest, it’s vital for you to understand that certain moves can really harm your case. If you…

Do You Have to Answer Sobriety Test Questions When Pulled Over for a DUI in New York?

The moment a police officer asks you to step out of your vehicle you’re probably in some trouble. There’s a good chance that officer already believes you are under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.  There’s a good chance you’re about to have to make some decisions. The decisions you make will help to…

Can You Get My New York State Speeding Ticket Reduced?

While it is possible to get some New York speeding tickets dropped, it’s far more common to get them reduced down to a lower point, less-expensive violation. In some cases, we can get them reduced down to a less-expensive non-moving violation that incurs no points and offers no insurance rate hikes.  This is not something…


What You Need to Know About New York Weapon Laws

Did you know that you can carry nunchucks in New York? Believe it or not, they’re protected by the 2nd Amendment according to Judge Pamela K. Chen of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York.   Yet there are still plenty of weapons which are illegal in New York, and not all…


What You Need to Know About New York’s Seatbelt Laws

In 2020, New York began enforcing a law requiring back seat passengers older than 16 to wear seat belts. Anyone younger than 16 was already required to buckle up in the back seat, and everyone in the front seat is required to buckle up. This is true even if you are in a for-hire vehicle…


Can You Carry a Gun In Your Car in the State of New York?

You can own a gun in New York, and you can carry a gun in your car in New York, as long as you’re willing to take certain measures. Of course, the gun must also be a gun that is legal in the state. Here’s everything you need to know to stay on the right…


5 Weird Things that Cause DWI False Positives

In New York, driving while intoxicated (DWI) is defined as having a blood alcohol limit of 0.08% or above. Police most often measure this limit by making a suspect give a breathalyzer test. Yet you might be surprised to know that breathalyzer tests aren’t the world’s most accurate things. There are, in fact, some well-known…


What Happens When You Speed in a School Zone in New York?

Most people want to keep children safe. Few people speed in a school zone on purpose. Yet in New York City, the school zone speed cameras that can be found throughout our state ticketed 1 million motorists in just 3 months.  What is a School Zone? You may think you’re only in a school zone…


Are Radar Detectors Legal in New York?

A radar detector is a device that’s designed to determine whether police radar guns are in the area. Habitual speeders often use them on the theory that they’ll go whatever speed they like when police aren’t around, then slow down when the police are. They are also known as laser detectors. If you are driving…

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