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When May Police Search Your Vehicle in New York?

When May Police Search Your Vehicle in New York?

One of the issues that might come up when you get pulled over in Orange County or any other place in New York is police might ask to search your car.    You must understand your rights when this happens and know what to do when asked.  Your Fourth Amendment rights protect you from unreasonable…


When Should You Consider a Plea Deal in Your New York Criminal Case?

Plea deals may be overused, but that doesn’t mean they’re not sometimes the best option for a defendant facing criminal charges.  No blog post can tell you the right move in your specific case. You’ll need to talk to an attorney familiar with your situation details before making any decisions. We can only give you…


What to Say When You’re Pulled Over in Monticello, New York

If you drive a car, there’s a good chance you’ll be pulled over at least once or twice during the course of your life. Traffic stops form the bulk of the interactions most people will ever have with the police. While a traffic stop can seem like a routine annoyance, it’s very easy to accidentally…

Phone With Social Apps

How Social Media Could Impact Your New York Criminal Case

Here’s a scenario worth considering. You’re being charged with a DWI.  You’ve done everything right so far: you complied with the breathalyzer test, you did not talk to the police, and you called a qualified criminal lawyer immediately.  You have a shot at seeing this case dismissed, or a shot an acquittal, because your lawyer…

Do You Have to Take a Breathalyzer Test When Pulled Over for DUI in New York?

Do You Have to Take a Breathalyzer Test When Pulled Over for DUI in New York?

Refusing a breathalyzer test in New York usually isn’t going to help you with your DUI/DWI case. Indeed, it can bring its own set of problems. However, there are exceptions. This is because New York is an implied consent state. That is, when you get a driver’s license and get on the road, you imply…

What Happens if You Are Pulled Over with a Suspended License in New York?

A license suspension is a very serious matter. Driving on a suspended license in New York is a crime. The official name for it is Aggravated Unlicensed Operation (AUO). There are three levels: 3rd degree misdemeanor AUO, 2nd degree misdemeanor AUO, and 1st degree felony AUO. AUO is covered by New York Penal Code Section…

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How DUI Impacts Your Drivers License in New York

When you are charged with DUI there are civil and administrative penalties as well as criminal penalties to contend with. Your license is administratively suspended at your arraignment, even though you have yet to be convicted of a DUI. This happens when you either fail a breathalyzer test or refuse to take one. Obviously here…


Fighting an Improper Turn Ticket in New York

An improper turn ticket costs $150 and 2 points on your license. It can result in increased insurance rates. In addition, these tickets are often issued in conjunction with other tickets that can cost even more money and add even more points to your license.  Fortunately, you don’t have to plead guilty to these tickets.…


What Happens if You Are Riding with Someone Who Gets a DUI in New York?

Getting into a car with a drunk driver behind the wheel could be hazardous to your health, but it could be hazardous to your freedom, too. There are situations in New York where you, as a passenger, may find yourself under arrest as well. If you suspect your driver is about to be arrested for…


Do You Have to Pay Red Light Camera Tickets in New York?

Obviously, you should never run a red light. But that doesn’t mean you should just plead guilty to a charge that you ran a red light, especially if that charge is generated by a red-light camera.  It is possible to fight a red-light camera ticket in New York. You should always consult with a traffic…

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