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It’s completely normal to lack courtroom experience – most people do. So, if you find yourself having to navigate a court appearance, it’s natural to feel a bit anxious and uneasy. Individuals often attend court due to moving violations and other minor infractions. In Albany County Court, the typical cases include moving violations, non-moving violations, driving while intoxicated (DWI), driving misdemeanors, other criminal offenses, and small claims.

This is only a partial list of types of cases heard in Albany County Court. If you’ve recently received a citation, swift action is crucial. Failing to act promptly could result in a default judgment against you, leading to an automatic loss of your case.

Traffic Violations in New York and How to Proceed

Traffic tickets overwhelmingly dominate the court dockets. Tickets can penalize you in three ways: 1) fines, 2) points added to your driver’s license, and 3) subsequent insurance rate hikes due to those points. By reducing or eliminating points on your license, you can steer clear of unnecessary increases in your car insurance costs. Among the most common moving violations you’ll encounter are: driving with a suspended license, running a red light, operating without insurance, following too closely, unsafe passing, failing to stop for a school bus, speeding, improper or no signal, use of a mobile phone and reckless driving. 

It’s worth noting that all the offenses listed above can contribute to elevated car insurance rates. Did you know that being held liable for neglecting to stop for a school bus results in 5 points to your driver’s license? To explore possibilities for reducing or eliminating points before they impact your license, reach out to Scott Russell Law.

If we represent you, we can likely appear for you in court, potentially saving you from taking a day off work.

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It’s crucial to consult an experienced attorney who can help you grasp the intricacies of your situation if you’re in need of legal guidance or advice for a traffic, criminal, or civil case. At Scott Russell Law, we’re more than willing to provide complimentary consultations to individuals with legal queries. Your concerns are our priority, and we’re here to assist you through the legal landscape.

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