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Albany County NY Traffic Ticket Lawyer


Albany County NY Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Albany County NY Court Law Practice

It is not expected that you have a lot of experience in courtrooms, most people don’t. So, it is common to have some anxiety and fear if you are faced with being required to head to court for some reason. People most commonly end up in court because of traffic tickets and other minor violations. In Albany County Court, the most common cases you will find include:

  •  Moving violations,
  •  Non-moving violations,
  •  Driving while intoxicated (DWI),
  •  Driving misdemeanors,
  •  Other criminal offenses, and
  •  Small claims.

This is not a full list of all of the types of cases that are heard in Albany County Court. A list of the most common types of traffic violations and their penalties can be found here. If you just received a ticket, it is important to act quickly. Failing to act in time can lead to a default against you, where you automatically lose your case.

Albany County NY Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Traffic Violations in Albany County NY

Traffic tickets are by far the most common type of case you will find on an Albany County Court docket. Traffic tickets have the ability to punish you in three ways: 1) a fine, 2) adding points to your driver’s license, and 3) those points increasing your insurance. If you are able to reduce or eliminate points on your license, then you can avoid having to pay extra for your car insurance. Some of the most common traffic tickets in Albany County Court include:

  •  Speeding
  •  Driving with a suspended license
  •  Operating without insurance
  •  Unsafe passing
  •  Passed red light
  •  Following too closely
  •  Fail to stop for a school bus
  •  Improper or no signal
  •  Reckless driving
  •  Use of a mobile phone

All of the offenses listed above have the ability to increase your car insurance rates. Did you know that if you are found responsible for failing to stop for a school bus, 5 points will be added to your driver’s license?! To learn how you might be able to reduce or remove points before they even get to your license, then call Scott Russell Law.

If we are representing you, then we can likely appear on your behalf and you might be able to even save having to take the day off of work for a court appearance.

NY Traffic Lawyer

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