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Advice for Out-of-State-Drivers who Receive Traffic Tickets in New York


Advice for Out-of-State-Drivers who Receive Traffic Tickets in New York

Are you a resident of another state who has received a traffic ticket in New York? Don’t assume the traffic ticket is going to go away just because you’re going to go home soon. Getting traffic tickets has consequences no matter where you get them.

Here’s what you need to know about dealing with a New York traffic tickets.

They will follow you home.

Most states are part of the Driver’s License Compact. This is an agreement between states that prompts them to report tickets to one another. This means you can get a ticket in New York and get points on your license in another state.

Once the New York ticket is on your driving record you can expect your insurance rates to go up, which is one major reason why it’s important to fight tickets in the first place. If the violation was especially severe your state may still suspend your driver’s license. Your state will apply state laws to your out-of-state violation.

Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Tennessee are the only states that are not members of the pact. Yet you shouldn’t ignore the ticket even if you live in a non-pact state. New York can still issue a bench warrant if you don’t address the ticket, and states do extradite. You can get arrested in your home state for failing to address a New York traffic ticket. You’ll receive a “failure to appear” charge.

Pleading guilty (paying the ticket) can create problems.

Paying the ticket certainly helps you prevent a failure to appear charge, but it still means pleading guilty to the charge. This means you still get points on your driver’s license with all the associated consequences.

There are plenty of good reasons to fight a traffic ticket instead of simply bowing down and paying it. It’s usually cheaper in the long run when you take insurance rates into account. It’s also safer if you already have points of any kind on your license. Remember, in many states getting too many points on your driver’s license means getting your license suspended. 

Hiring an attorney can save money and let you fight the ticket without remaining in state.

Hiring a New York traffic ticket attorney means hiring an advocate who can go to traffic court for you. You won’t have to travel back in-state. You won’t have to appear yourself. You’ll know what you need to do when your attorney is done in traffic court, as you’ll just receive a phone call telling you what your new options are.

Hiring a traffic ticket attorney is both affordable and convenient. 

If you’ve received a New York State traffic ticket, don’t wait. Reach out to Scott Russell Law today.

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