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Scott Russell Law

My extensive experience serving the public has allowed me to excel in various legal capacities. As an Assistant District Attorney, I confidently prosecuted many cases, from minor traffic infractions to grave felony offenses.

A Local Name in Law You Can Trust

As a public defender, I represented defendants in large and small cases. I also got to work as a lawyer for people from all walks of life, fighting for their rights, whether they were bringing a claim or defending against one.

I have experience in both criminal and civil law. As a civil attorney, I represented clients in various litigation cases. My legal practice has now reached a significant milestone with the opening of my own office in Monticello, New York.

Whether you find yourself grappling with a traffic infraction, facing the weight of a criminal charge, or navigating any other legal predicament, I am steadfastly committed to delivering the highest quality of representation.

Criminal Defense

Scott Russell Law is your ally when delving into intricate legal realms. We take the time to craft a tailored defense against a spectrum of allegations – from assault to white-collar crimes, theft to homicide. His resolute commitment ensures that accusations do not equate to guilt. As your shield, he safeguards your rights, challenges evidence, and paves the path to justice. Beyond legal ramifications, a conviction impacts every facet of life.

DUI and DWAI Ticket Law

In New York, these cases involve not just alcohol limits, but also driving impairment laws. With Scott’s expert guidance, you can steer clear of the common mistakes people make when defending themselves and minimize the chances of facing hefty fines, incarceration, or losing your license.

Domestic Violence

In New York, domestic violence encompasses various criminal acts such as stalking, assault, up to serious offenses such as murder. Did you know that the severity of a domestic violence offense determines if it’s a misdemeanor or felony? These minor details can be detrimental to your case, but our team can help navigate any domestic violence charges you may be facing.

Personal Injury

Scott Russel law covers all types of personal injury cases, from large to minor charges, and is ready to offer guidance and representation to help you secure compensation for property damage, medical expenses, lost earnings, and other related expenses.

Working with Scott Russel Law

In these challenging times, marked by economic adversity, I am acutely aware of the importance of accessible legal services.

Please feel free to reach out for a complimentary consultation.

Let’s work together to create a plan that meets your specific requirements. As a knowledgeable and dedicated expert, I am confident that we can tackle any challenges.

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